Tumblr is like my extended journal. I use it to post about things that I like: travel, TV, film, music, beautiful women and feminism.

I also post personal stuff (because isn't that what the internet is for now?) to make sense of life. So this might be pretty dull. soz.

C'est la vie.

I’m going on a date tonight to try to fall out of love with you / I know I know this is a crime / but I don’t know what else to do

… I would trade my mother to hear you sing

The Sweetest Thing - Camera Obscura 

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Me currently trying out online dating.

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A lot of people who have questioned and critiqued Beyonce’s feminism in the past have been all over Emma Watson’s recent ‘HeForShe’ speech.

Why, I wonder? Well, probably because she’s a white woman who dresses like a 60-year-old and hasn’t written a song about how amazing oral sex is for women (because, just FYI lads, it is amazing).

I just want to sit all these Beyonce haters and doubters down and show them ***Flawless and carefully explain, for the 31257th time, that just because a woman is open about her sexuality and enjoys it, and just because she is a mother and a wife and loves her family, does not make her any less of a feminist than she declares herself to be. 

Just as an aside, my housemate said that she liked Watson’s speech because “she didn’t go on about feminism” and “just talked about equality”. Call me cynical, but I suspect this is the main reason why her speech has become so popular…

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Master Pretender - First Aid Kit

This song is so pretty.

Today, on the worst day of the year, I got pretty pissed off with myself for feeling almost constantly miserable for the past couple of months.

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Hello anxiety, I see you’ve moved in and don’t intend to leave for a while so let’s keep levels to a minimum of “crying on public transport” without needing to stretch to “panic attacks at work”, eh? Cheers. 

Thanks OkCupid for making me sound like a cynical, sexless nerd…
Come at me boyz xoxo

Thanks OkCupid for making me sound like a cynical, sexless nerd…

Come at me boyz xoxo

I heard that Gilmore Girls was coming to Netflix so this means no men, just lots of Chinese food and lots of Gilmore Girls.

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There’s a feeling that some young people get when they go through life-changing moments, such as the death of a parent. It’s a feeling of wanting or needing to be part of something bigger, to be able to look back and clearly see the path you tread in the world; to actually change the world, even just one small part of it.

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